Stutton Local History Journals

We have recently completed a project to scan and post the full archive of Stutton’s local history journals from 1983 all the way up until the 2010 edition.  The group is now working on producing the 2011 edition of the journal and we hope to be able to post some news about this shortly.

Cataloging our local history

The group has started to plan the ambitious undertaking of acquiring and cataloging as much historical knowledge as possible about Stutton and the surrounding area.  This huge task will take years to complete and we are taking it one step at a time. To start with we have set up the SLHRG website and are seeking advice from expert archivists as to the best approach.

We always encourage new members to contact us and express an interest in working with the group, and are extremely keen to gather any knowledge of the history of Stutton before it is lost for future generations.

Current projects

The history group is undertaking a number of projects to increase access to historical information about Stutton: Current examples include

  • Working to index the back catalogue of Sutton Local History Journals to help visitors find the information that they are looking for
  • Gathering and digitising old photographs and postcards of interest to Stutton and cataloguing them appropriately.
  • Transcribing and publishing the war memoirs of George Gladwell as part of the commemorations for World War 1

Our web site

This website is always under development and we would like your feedback on how to improve it.

We cannot offer to research your local history queries, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction – please contact us on stuttonlhrg [at] (replace [at] by @).